Quit Smoking - Positive Programming

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Quit Smoking Positive Programming is for you to listen to everyday. It programs you to stop smoking and focus on living a healthier lifestyle. You're trading cigarettes and the habit of smoking with exercise, eating healthy and drinking water. You're teaching yourself to use deep breathing rather than taking a drag of your cigarette. This hypnosis can be used to cut back on how much you smoke or for you to quit completely. It's up to you... you choose how you want to quit/cut back or stop and how long it's going to take to you. This session is to be listened to everyday. This session goes with Quit Smoking Eliminating Habits and Cravings. To get the maximum benefit, it is recommended that you get the Hypnosis Workbook and the Quit Smoking Journal to go with your download. You can find these at Changes Made Easy .com in the Hypnosis Section (24 min) Due to the nature of the product (download) there are no refunds or exchanges; all sales are final.

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