*[Understanding the] Special Packages (Information & Instructions)

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Special Packages

The special packages are designed to help you reach your goal in the easiest, most effective and inexpensive way. Each special package includes 3 in office appointments, an eBook specific for the package and 3 downloads. The regular price [if purchased individually] is $626.80. The package deal price is $399. You save $227.80. That’s over a 35% savings!

Package Choices:
1. Effortless Weight Loss
2. Eliminate Insomnia
3. Learn Creative Visualization
4. Learn Self Hypnosis
5. Stop Smoking Now

Instructions to purchase the Special Package deal:
1. Add everything in the package category to your shopping cart
2. Click secure check out
3. [At check out] add your sales person’s name in the section that says Coupon Code
4. Your package price of $399 will automatically show up
5. Check out 
6. Download your products
7. Call 760-416-0450 to make your appointment (Be sure to mention that you have purchased a special package.)
*If you do not have a sales person that helped you, enter the word NONE into the coupon code section during checkout and the discount will automatically show up.

Fine Print:
-3 1/2 Sessions
-includes digital support materials to ensure your success
-must be completed in 6 weeks from the date of your first session
-no refunds, returns or exchanges

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